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Adnan Boy – Free Download Witches Legacy The City That Isnt There Collectors precracked , this game released in 7 January 2017 | 2:52 pm and playing now Witches Legacy The City That Isnt There Collectors Full Version by adnanboy and wendys.

Your mother has mysteriously gone missing while doing research for her new book, but how do you find a city that technically doesn’t exist? Carefully trace her steps into a lost city that’s filled with mysterious creatures. Team up with your ferret-shapeshifter friend Bertha to find your mother. Can you rescue her before it’s too late, or will you become the city’s next victim? Find out in this haunting hidden-object puzzle adventure!
Relive the Sallenvile tragedy through your ancestor’s eyes.
Find hidden puzzle pieces and solve jigsaws to reveal characters bios and backstory.
Search for morphing objects, and earn a variety of achievements!
Feeling stuck? Reference the helpful strategy guide.
Features wallpapers, art gallery, soundtrack, and screensavers.

Thanks to Velocity

Download Witches Legacy The City That Isnt There Collectors Free Download and playing now this game by Adnan Boy

How time flies! It seems like only yesterday that Lynn was just a little girl, but now she’s all grown up and marrying Edward. You couldn’t be happier for your adopted daughter – until you discover that Edward is missing! A mysterious letter promised answers to his past, urging him to return to his birthplace. As a witch hunter, Edward is accustomed to danger… but he may have gotten in over his head this time. You and Lynn rush to follow his trail, unaware that a dark presence is watching you. Can you track down Edward in time? Find out in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Game Size 1.19 GB
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