Imperial Island 3: Expansion Full Version

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Adnanboy – Free Download Imperial Island 3: Expansion full version released on 5 December 2015 | 5:56 am and playing now Imperial Island 3: Expansion Full Version by adnanboy and wendys.

The wise Emperor Omadan once ruled over a great empire. The empire flourished, bringing joy to its people and arousing envy in Omadan’s enemies. It was after many years of prosperity that the enemies of his great empire launched a relentless invasion. The Emperor’s warriors fought bravely, but were overwhelmed by their ruthless enemies. To avoid the destruction of his people, the Emperor made a difficult but wise decision: He fled along with all of the survivors to seek a land where his empire could begin anew. Help Emperor Omadan build an entirely new Empire.

-Build more than 60 buildings
-Fantastic gameplay
-100 exciting levels
-Earn achievements
-Brilliant artwork and relaxing soundtrack

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